Arnold's West Point Pharmacy

11784 Highway 157
Vinemont, AL 35179

We look forward to greet you!

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 6:00
Saturday: Closed

Online store always open

Average 4 minute wait time

No more long lines!

Save Time!

No one likes to wait in line and that is why West Point Pharmacy rank the highest for shortest wait time among pharmacies.

In a Consumer Report, 19 percent of shoppers using a large, big-box, pharmacy complained of a prescription not being ready on time.

What is worse than a prescription not being ready? Waiting longer in line to find it out. 21 percent of customers experienced longer waits in line, too.

West Point Pharmacy has an average 4 minute wait time!

You’ll never hear us tell you “it will take 15 minutes to fill your meds” or something similar!

Now you can get on with your day!